29. czerwiec 2019 - 14:00 do 16:00
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Quantum & Sacred Geometry Healing - Tachyon Soulprint Intermediate | Workband Sale Szkoleniowe Aleksandra Hercena | sobota, 29. czerwiec 2019

DNA Evolution with Toroidal Energy & Sacred Geometry!

Combining Sacred Geometry, Toroidal Energy and Soul Blueprint called TACHYON SOULPRINT brought to you at Workband Sale Szkoleniowe Aleksandra Hercena 3-5 Wrocław, 50-453 on 29th July at 2-4pm.

The class will be conducted in English with Polish Translation available.

What will I receive?

• Obtain & connect with your personal Merkabah

• Obtain and connect with your personal Soul Blueprint

• 1:1 Toroidal Touch Hands-on/off Healing

• Learn how to use Pendulum

• Toroidal Touch Practice

• Special offer to become Tachyon Soulprint Healing Practitioner!

About Tachyon Soulprint

Through connecting to our unique Soul Blueprint & Platonic Solid Template, it deepens healing and accelerates DNA-revolution. The 5 platonic solids each represents an element – earth, water, fire, air, ether along with Merkabah represents all elements. The Spiral in the middle represents our DNA as well as the master healing.

Tachyon Soulprint has 3 components:

1. Healing Attunement


2. Toroidal Touch

3. Merkabah Activation

Other elements: Toroidal Heart Connection, Heart-Pineal Alignment, Threefold Flame Soul Memory Activation, Aqualine DNA Illumination

About Toroidal Touch

• hands-on/off healing accessing Toroidal Energy

• energises and activates the toroidal DNA, thus allowing the DNA to attract more photonic light.

• repairs mitochondrial DNA

• works on the particle and morphogenetic (anti-particle) chakras, thus generating zero point/ toroidal energy.

• activates golden axiatonal lines for exchange of light and information and the reconnection of DNA strands.

• clears false memory imprints, dissolves limiting beliefs, thought patterns and trapped emotions.

• purifies cellular memories & rejuvenates the cells and enables cell reproduction.

• unifies the heart and the brain with the cells, accelerating self-healing.

• eliminates chips, implants, alien DNA and energetic cords.

About Facilitator

San is a trained Sound Healing practitioner who uses gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, tuning forks and voice in her Sound sessions and sound workshops. She has experience working with clients with mental health and learning disabilities. She also holds womb healing workshops and creates aromatherapy essence oil sprays. She is also a trained Butterfly, Dolphin & Whale essence practitioner and a Reiki Master Practitioner.

She has recently created healing tool called Tachyon Soulprint based on creating balance in the mind body and spirit through connecting to our Soul blueprint. It consists of Healing Attunements, Toroidal Touch & Merkabah Activation. Toroidal Heart Connection & Heart-Pineal Alignment are additional element from the healing system.

E: soulaurganic@gmail.com

M: +44 7752358516

W: www.tachyonsoulprint.com

YouTube Channel:



280 zl

Paypal whiteonthespot@gmail.com / eventbrite link to reserve your space. First come first served!

Special Offer:

Both introductory class and intermediate class are 400 zl

Looking forward to having you in this amazing discovery and healing journey!