05. październik 2020 - 15:00
Wroclaw, Poland, Wroclaw
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Digital Citizens-Youth Participation in Digital Era_Erasmus+ TC | poniedziałek, 05. październik 2020

"Digital Citizens-Youth Participation in Digital Era" seeks for innovative structures of youth participation, builds capacity in

Partner Countries, develops understanding of critical thinking and importance of active citizenship thus meaningful

participation and further includes today's world phenomena digitalization to this strong fundamentals of participation.

TC has the main focus to support the youth policy in partner countries through:

- building capacity of youth policy institutions and youth NGOs on participatory youth policydevelopment;

- analyzing and developing ideas for use of inclusive co-management structures (online and offline);

- developing clear youth participation schemes, connecting national and local levels and develop recommendations for

youth policy and youth strategy;

- contributing to development of civil society, through creation of regional youth policy structures and implementation of

co-management principles;

- sharing good practices from youth policy implementation and youth work development in Poland, Lithuania and EU;

- discuss the current trends (e-participation, other digital tools), strategies, needs of youth policy making, youth

participation in Partner Countries and EU.