07. marzec 2019 - 18:00 do 20:00
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Powerapps- How to create a health app for daily lives | Sii Sp. z o.o. | czwartek, 07. marzec 2019

In this fast-paced world, a pizza can relinquish the hunger yet one small bite of this pizza will add tons of bad calorie, fat and bad cheese to anyone's diet plan.
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In this session,
- We will see how power apps can be built a simple, agile, accessible, healthy, fat loss or muscle gain food habit program for your health stability.
- This app can relay the dietary planning for the morning, afternoon, evening and night food in an orderly fashion.
 - Through this mobile app comes equipped with a daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis commitment on food habits alongside integration with a light fitness program to take on the day with a positive note.
- Furthermore, this app will have calendar integration, in-app checking your food quality, and a search function to jumps on the next healthy diet plan.
This example showcases the ease and power of Microsoft PowerApps and how it allows for anyone—even those without coding experience—to create useful, impactful mobile apps easily.

Plus we will work handson for 30 min to get intial basic practice on powerapps for free .
 I will share Powerapps  Ebook, slides, code samples for free to all the participants in this event.
Call me at 729 473 572 or email me sampolwaw@gmail.com for if you have any further questions.
- sam
Note: the model will be in my github repository which will be accessed after the presentation :)