17. styczeń 2019 - 18:00 do 19:30
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Microsoft Flow- Work Less, Do More | Plac Konesera 10 | czwartek, 17. styczeń 2019

Flows as the name sounds , it creates the opportunity for any user to automate the process of work in an enviornment. 
- Create and automate workflows across multiple applications
- Render automation to the services without the need for any developer in the team.
- Microsoft flow helps the apps to talk to each other just like computers started talking back in 1980s.
- Automated workflows such as if anyone tweets you , flow can automate the information of your requirements.
- Microsoft flow can help to provide the end user goal without any manual interuptions and
- It is all free and happening through cloud!!
Join us in this evening and together we will automate our work so that we can work less and do more in future!!
As usual , all the notes , ppts, files and videos will be shared in the github.