20. styczeń 2019 - 15:00 do 16:30
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How to "Make It" in the Music Industry | Experient Explorer - Debra Josephson | niedziela, 20. styczeń 2019

Are you a little lost on how to promote yourself as an artist/musician? If so, you won't want to miss this!Ayoub, originally from Morocco, is an artist manager and founder of a startup that's revolutionizing the music business here in Warsaw! He's Launching this January! He will offer you simple yet effective ways to advise musicians to connect them with their audience at a little to no budget and without having to be signed to a label. Also, effective tools to properly promote yourself on social media!! And, as a musician, you'll get to talk with a specialist and get connected here in Warsaw!!!
Artists can change the world if they had the know how to deliver their music and share it and connect with the right fans. Ayoub wants to give these talented musicians the right start. Come meet him with questions, pen and paper! We'll see you Experient Explorer - DMeryl - Debra
Instant coffee/tea/water will be available.
(FYI- Send me a message if you'd like to host a workshop or rent space... play music or show your art/photography!!!!)