01. październik 2020 - 18:00 do 19:30
Action Coach Leanne Miltun-Latecka, Warsaw
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Wirtualny Marketing Bootcamp | czwartek, 01. październik 2020

After coaching hundreds of business owners and clocking up thousands of coaching hours over the years, we have learnt three things:

1. The secret to business growth and profitability is marketing

2. Most businesses don't do enough marketing

3. Most business owners don't have enough marketing knowledge

We have put together an 8-week virtual Marketing Bootcamp that will teach you how to increase your incoming leads and market your business successfully.

Each session will be highly practical so that you can immediately take action, implement and get results. Each session will be approx 1.5 hours long and will run consecutively over 8 weeks via Zoom (Live – not recordings).

The modules will be as follows:

Session 1 - Things you need to know about Lead Generation Marketing

Session 2 - Defining your Unique Selling Proposition and Call to Action

Session 3 - How to Market with No Budget

Session 4 - How to get Loads of Referrals

Session 5 - Getting Leads from Email Marketing

Session 6 - How to Master Cold Calling

Session 7 - Building your Marketing Plan

Session 8 - How to Increase your Sales Conversion Rate

Once you have reserved a place, a Zoom link will be emailed to you. The programme will be presented in English (with Polish subtitles on presentation slides and handouts).