05. wrzesień 2017 - 16:00
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Sisters - documentary movie world premiere in Poland | Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku | wtorek, 05. wrzesień 2017

5 Sept - Warsaw, Asia and Pacific Museum, 4 pm
7 Sept - Cracow, Pod Baranami Cinema, 5 pm
9 Sept - Poznań, Women Congress, 2.30 pm
10 Sept - Poznań, Muza Cinema, 6 pm

"The mother was always telling us: the girls I gave this world are stronger than its problems ..." / Gaisu Yari /

The film "Sisters" is a documentary film about the extraordinary connection of cultures of the East and the West. It is a film about dreams, faith in change and freedom.
The film characters are three sisters: Gaisu, Zohra and Parastu. The oldest beauty turned out to be a source of her great drama. As a 13-year-old she lost her father, who did not agree to marry her daughter to a local warlord. Parastu for months, days and nights, disguised as a man with a rifle in hand, defended himself against kidnapping. When in the end she managed to escape from the family village the drama was not over. Now her six-year-old sister Gaisu was promised to the son of a local warlord. Gaisu miraculously avoided compulsory marriage and emigrated to the US, from where she returned only a year ago, and in spite of the danger she helps women to avoid a similar life. The youngest of the sisters - Zohra, also carries deep mourning and wants to "be free from sorrow."

Through the story of the sisters, we discover the dark and bright side of women's lives in Afghanistan. The traditional mentality forbids them to work, learn, leave the house without a husband or relative, enjoy the pastimes, and even go to the doctor. However, they have their own resistance strategies and fight for independence.

This film is an extraordinary journey into the Afghan women's world watched by the Polish women, activists from the Association of Active Women who went to Afghanistan to support their sisters in the name of solidarity, to work together on the project "Young Women for Change", to strengthen the leaders of change and shoot a valid movie.
That's how the sister ties up.

After the film presentation, there will be a meeting with the film characters and a panel discussion.

We will be talking about determinants which affect the situation of women in Afghanistan and what are the chances for change; what is the life, work of activists and women's rights activists in that country? What difficulties are encountered by them implementing aid programmes; How to overcome fear when working for the emancipation of women in the context of war, religious state and patriarchal culture? We will be also talking about our cooperation with the leaders in Kabul.
The film characters, film director, Afghan and Polish women rights activists, equal opportunity trainers, academic lecturers, will participate in the meeting, including:
Humayun and Shukria Sarabi, Hashimi Sayed Bashir /Women Empowered Afghanistan /
Zohra and Gaisu Yari / movie characters, Women's Creative and Artistic Organization /
Jawad Wafa, Maisam Waseem / Shuhada Organization /
Dr hab Beata Kowalska / researcher, expert on the situation of women in Muslim countries /
Monika Sobańska / Active Women Association, author of the project "Young women for social change" /
Dr Sławomira Walczewska / activist, Women Foundation EFKA /
Ewa Stoecker / anti-discrimination trainer, activist /
Justyna Tafel - film director
Dr Ludwika Włodek / journalist, publicist, researcher/
Małgorzata Borowska /journalist, gender trainer/

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Plan of projections and discussion meetings:
5 Sept - Warsaw, Asia and Pacific Museum, 4 pm
7 Sept - Cracow, Pod Baranami Cinema, 5 pm
9 Sept - Poznań, Women Congress, 2.30 pm
10 Sept - Poznań, Muza Cinema, 6 pm

The film and meetings are run by the Active Women Association as part of the international project "Young Women for Change", co-financed by the European Commission, Erasmus + Program.

Number of seats is limited. You can book movie tickets earlier.