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Microsoft PowerShell Training in Warsaw for Beginners | PowerShell script and scripting training | Windows PowerShell training | Windows Server Administration, Remote Server Administration and Automation, Datacenter with Powershell training | Entirety Technology | sobota, 03. sierpień 2019

This Instructor led LIVE PowerShell training course will be provided for a total duration of 16 hours spread across 4 weeks, 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session by our highly professional certified powershell trainers. PowerShell is the most powerful scripting based automation tool that Microsoft has to offer, and its both a shell and a scripting language.
PowerShell is a Windows application that supports enhanced usage for beginners and experts. By the end of this course,  you can gain knowledge of advanced PowerShell techniques.

Weekends Only Class Schedule
This class will be held on weekends (Saturay and Sunday every weekend) from 9:00-11:00 am US Pacific time (PST) each day beginning August 3rd and ending on August 25th, 2019. 
Please check your local date and time for the first session

16 hours of LIVE training
8 sessions | 4 weeks |  2 sessions per week | 2 hours per session
Saturday and Sunday every weekend for 4 weekends
US Pacific time 9:00-11:00 AM each day

View Detailed Weekly Schedule for the entire class

Course Overview
This training class follows a very practical approach to learning PowerShell. Students learn about Powershell commands, scripts, poweshell based automation, administering and managing remote computers, advanced powershell scripts and techniques and more.

Who should attend
This class can be taken by IT professionals such as System Administrators, Server Administrators, Network Administrators, System Engineers, Operations engineers, datacenter engineers, IT Support professionals, those interested in automation of Windows computers and server based tasks.


Basic knowledge of Command Prompt
Familiarity with scripting in general, VB Script

Course Outline          
1. Windows Powershell

Overview and Background
Finding and Running Commands

2. Working with the pipeline

Selecting, Sorting, and Measuring Objects
Exporting, Importing, and Converting Data
Filtering Objects Out of the Pipeline
Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline

3. How the Pipeline Works

Passing Data in the Pipeline ByValue
Passing Data in the Pipeline ByPropertyName

4. Using PSProoviders and PSDrives

PSProviders and PSDrives
Using PSDrives

5. Formatting Output

Using Basic Formatting
Using Advanced Formatting
Redirecting Formatted Output

6. Using WMI and CIM

Querying Data with WMI/CIM
Making Changes with WMI/CI

7. Prepare for Scripting

Using Variables
Scripting Security

8. Automating Administration with PowerShell

Moving From Command to Script
Moving From Script to Function to Module
Implementing Basic Error Handling
Using Basic Scripting Constructs
Further Exploration in Scripting

9. Administering Remote Computers

Using Basic Remoting
Using Remote Sessions
Using Advanced Remoting Techniques

10. Putting It All Together

Provisioning a New Server Core Instance

11. Using Background Jobs and Scheduled Jobs

Using Background Jobs
Using Scheduled Jobs

12. Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques and Profiles

Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques
Creating Profile Scripts
Working with Alternative Credentials

Refund Policy

All Sales and purchase of tickets is final. There are no Refunds issued. 
If a class is rescheduled/cancelled by the organizer, students who have made the payment and registered for the class will be offered a credit towards any future course.

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