22. październik 2018 - 18:30 do 22:00
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Lean Startup Night Warsaw | HubHub | poniedziałek, 22. październik 2018

Lean Startup Night Warsaw is hosted by Polish ambassador Bartek Janowicz and a team of Lean Startup enthusiasts. They aim to integrate the Lean Startup community in Warsaw and Poland through inspiration, shared knowledge and examples of Lean Startup used in different environments—corporations, mid-size companies, startups and acceleration programs. Lean Startup is not only the best practice for creating innovative products and services, but an important element in building an innovative organizational culture, and developing innovators’ DNA. It also plays a necessary role in redesigning Agile transformations, digital strategy and building new profitable business our second Lean Startup Night in Warsaw, you'll have a chance to learn how Lean Startup can help you use The Startup Way for innovating within your company. You'll also get the chance to make new contacts through roundtable discussions and networking sessions. This event is part of Lean Startup Summit Berlin (February 12, 2019). Lean Startup Summits bring the big ideas from Eric Ries’ books off the page to show how organizations are making them real around the world. Become a part of our wider European innovation community by joining us in Berlin this February. Learn more and register here. 
Lean Startup Night is a meetup series designed to help our community connect and swap ideas with one another while learning the nuances of the methodology from our expert network. Each Lean Startup Night is hosted by our network of ambassadors and features a different panel talk, fireside chat or presentation with a mentor from the Lean Startup community and local innovation champions. Learn more about the Lean Startup Night meetup series here. 
6:30pm - Networking Time
7pm - “From The Startup Way to Corporate Innovation - How to Scale Lean Startup in a Corporate Environment” - Bartek Janowicz (CEO of Proinnovate, co-founder of Agile-Mindset) & Grzegorz Maciaszek (CEO of MedLegalis, co-founder of Agile Mindset) Find out how to build a corporate innovation model in your company that makes use of The Startup Way method of innovating. Learn how Lean Startup combined with Agile can change a corporation's approach to the creation of new innovative business models, and tackle the ”must have” issues that need to addressed while implementing a model. 7:30pm – “Empowerment as a Key Element of Lean Enterprise” - Ewa Wernerowicz (CEO of Vivus) Vivus went from a six-person team in 2012 to a 220-people corporation in 2018 with two billion zloty in revenue in a very competitive finance market dealing with a product that does not have very flattering press: loans. In a fireside chat with Ewa, learn the secrets of designing an innovative company, and why empowerment is such an important element of organizational culture at Vivus. 8pm - “Doing it for Real: How to Get Your Experiments Live Quickly and Pre-empt the Innovation Killers Inside Your Company” - Robbert van Geldrop (Tech entrepreneur and Chief Venture Officer at Firmhouse. Founder of the Dutch Lean Startup Circle. Author of From Signal To Evidence) Startups win by learning fast. However, going fast inside a large company can be hard. Complacency and lack of focus are your innovation project’s worst enemy. The most common blockers we know today are:
1 - Too much stakeholder management
2 - Resistance on experimenting with real customers due to compliancy and branding issues and  
3 - Small-scale monetization of new products and services such as testing the willingness to pay with actual transactions.
We’ll showcase specific experiments we’ve built and how we’ve helped corporate innovation teams deal with blockers. In this workshop, we’ll help you overcome those obstacles without losing momentum. If opportunity permits, you can build a rock solid experiment with us during the workshop. Our tools will be at your disposal.  8:30pm- "Lean Startup-Corporate Cooperation” - Łukasz Cieśla (CEO of Open Innovation House) A short overview of the key prerequisites to building a tangible and effective partnership between startups and corporations using the Lean Startup framework. During the presentation, Łukasz will also touch on the cultural aspect of running corporate innovation programs and find interlinks to the human role of delivering value in the area of innovations.    9pm - Roundtables: Meet Startups Using Lean Startup in Acceleration ProgramsChoose a table and grab some practical insights on how to cope with uncertainty:

"From corporation to startup - how Lean Startup helps transform the way we think and work” - Jakub Wrede, CEO of Cashy
”The speed is what I need - how to use experiments to learn fast” - Jonasz Gajewski, CEO of MyPocket
”Pivots - the importance of change during acceleration” - Jędrzej Małolepszy, CEO of BillTech
”Scaling the business thanks to close relationships with customers” - Grzegorz Maciaszek, CEO of MedLegalis

9:30 - Networking

Meet the speakers:
Grzegorz Maciaszek: Co-founder of Agile Mindset, CEO of Medlegalis (insurtech), Mentor & Tutor in Acceleration Programs. Specialized in building corporate innovation strategy and organizational culture in line with Agile & Lean, managing startups and providing trainings, facilitation sessions, consulting and implementation in the fields of innovation, business psychology, marketing and sales strategies, Service Design and methods: La Salle Matrix Thinking, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Lean Start-up and Agile methodology, among others SCRUM. Author of the first book in Poland introducing to the method of creating innovative products and services La Salle Matrix Thinking™. Grzegorz has over 14 years of experience in corporate environments. In Medlegalis he created and implemented the first comprehensive insurance product for the cosmetologists.Ewa Wernerowicz: Fintech market expert with extensive knowledge of banking and financial technologies. Ewa is responsible for the success of Vivus.pl and is Vice President of the Employers of Poland. She's a member of the management and supervisory boards of 4Finance Group companies in Poland and abroad. She is a graduate of Company Management at Gdynia Maritime University and Innovation Leadership at the Warsaw School of Economics.
Robbert van Geldrop: Tech entrepreneur and Chief Venture Officer at Firmhouse. Founder of the Dutch Lean Startup Circle. Author of From Signal To Evidence. Robbert is an entrepreneur and software developer who wrote his first lines of codes on an Atari ST when he was eight years old. He founded his first company at the age of 19. Robbert also founded the first Lean Startup Circle meetup group in continental Europe in an effort to create closer ties with other entrepreneurs facing the tough challenges of building a business. He believes that entrepreneurship is not a talent one is born with, but a craft which you can learn by knowing all the available tools and skills. You can master the craft by doing and trying it with the right mindset.
Łukasz Cieśla: Founder and Managing Director at Open Innovation House. Łukasz is constantly seeking the best "external/open innovation model" for enterprises and pushing the boundaries of an efficient startup - corporate partnership. Łukasz has coordinated more than 15 international corporate acceleration and innovation programs. He's a huge enthusiast of creative, Lean and interactive methodologies used in innovative businesses. Łukasz believes there are only two paths for corporations: INNOVATE or be OUT OF THE GAME.
Jędrzej Małolepszy: Co-founder of BillTech, an app that let’s you gather, manage and automate recurring paymentsBillTech was developed using Lean Startup methodology for the past year and a half, both in terms of business and product. Formerly, Jędrzej worked on the Uber operations team, as well as in the financial industry as investment professional at private equity fund Bridgepoint and investment bank Rothschild.
Jakub Wrede: Co-founder of Cashy - the finalist of #Warsaw_booster'18 acceleration program. Jakub is a Senior Manager with 10+ years of experience in trade finance, asset based lending and credit process gained while working for market leaders ING Bank Ślaski and Bank BPH with a successful track record. He is a leader of numerous projects concerning innovative solutions in system implementation and process optimization.
Jonasz Gajewski: CEO of MyPocket. Jonasz is an artist with six years of experience in the IT industry. He's a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts working in the world of IT and IoT Programmers. Critically thinking, creative and focused on technology, he is the Head of New Bussines Development at OmniDigital working at OmniChannel concepts. He is also co-founder of the Innovation Department in Sofware House Netiznes. Jonasz is a Business Rapid Prototyping and Lean Startup methodolody enthusiast.
Meet our ambassador, speaker and co-host:
Bartek Janowicz: Founder of Proinnovate, Co-founder of Agile Mindset. Bartek specializes in building corporate innovation strategy and agile culture in line with Agile and Lean, driving intrapreneurship into corporations (mid-sized and big enterprises), developing innovators’ DNA and transformation of leadership and teamwork. He is the Lean Startup EMEA Ambassador for Poland, Acceleration Program Leader and Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF). He has over 15 years of experience in HR, including 10+ years as an Organization & Employees Development expert and HR Manager in international corporations like ING Bank, GE Money Bank, BPH Bank, EFL or Eaton.