30. wrzesień 2019 - 15:30
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EUROCITIES WG Homelessness - Policy transfer 'Cities measures to support new groups are risk of homelessness', Poznan, 1-2 October | Poznan | poniedziałek, 30. wrzesień 2019

EUROCITIES WG Homelessness is meeting in Poznan, on 1-2 October, to discuss 'city measures to support new groups at risk of homelessness'
Theme of the meeting
The city of Poznan has developed a social housing programme which includes both access to a dwelling and training support to provide preparation for participants to later function in an independent housing unit. The city has also developed a 'score qualification system' to define a list of applicants for social housing. The order of the persons on the list is the result of a multicriterial evaluation of the situation of these people, translated into a score.
EUROCITIES is organising a study visit to Poznan to learn in practice from the city's programme. The aim is to build capacity of the participating city experts to learn, transfer and possibly replicate some of the inspiring practices from Poznan while adapting to the specific local conditions and target groups in their cities. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of cities to develop innovative measures to support new groups at risk of homelessness. 
The timeline
Day 1 - Monday 30 September

Introduction and networking session
Updates from cities

Day 2 - Tuesday 1 October

Welcome remarks
Setting the context
Reality check and site visits
Cooperation between the city of Poznan and NGOs
Reflecting on lessons learned

Day 3 - Wednesday 2 October

Responding to city challenges
Design possible new and more effective responses to challenges/practices from cities
Business meeting

We are searching for 4 transfer cities to share their challenges with us!
Are you interested to present your local challenge on new groups at risk of homelessness during the policy transfer in Poznan? We are searching for cities that are interested and committed to work on concrete actions of innovative solution to accompany new groups at risk of homelessness. The four 'transfer' cities will be supported to develop actions based on learning from Poznan's model. If selected, EUROCITIES will reimburse the travel costs, accommodation and subsistence costs for up to two representatives from your city participating at the study visit (up to certain thresholds that we will communicate to you, in line with EU funding guidelines).
If you are interested, submit your application before 6 September to solene.molard@eurocites.eu . You can find the call here: https://bit.ly/31SI7Y6