27. sierpień 2018 - 9:00
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Women's Magical Writers Retreat Poland | Zbójna Debra | poniedziałek, 27. sierpień 2018

999$ for one person, bring a friend for $1 !!!!!!

- Do you want to escape daily life and enjoy a week of peace in an idyllic location?
- Do you want to embrace adventure, have fun and try new experiences?
- Do you feel that what life has brought you is unique?
- Are others astounded at what you have experienced and how you have kept going?
- Do people admire your strength, determination and positive outlook on life?

Well then this Wonderful Retreat is for you!

Get ready for an in depth, life-changing Women's Magical Writers Retreat that will prove to you that your Story must be Heard!

In a fairytale castle in Poland, you will find the peace, tranquillity and fun you need to be inspired. Nutricious home-made meals made with fresh organic produce, a sauna, massages and sight-seeing trips, with amazing people on the same mission as you, all support you in getting your book done effortless and having a fun time doing it.

Prior to the Women's Magical Writers Retreat, you enjoy an online meeting with Getrude Matshe, in which you design the cover, title and subtitle of your personal book. After this inspirational meeting, you are all set to let your creative juices flow!

In the 7 days of this Women's Magical Writers Retreat you will learn:

- How to put your dreams into words; - How to brand yourself as an author;
- How to work out the chapters of your book; - How to secure and work with an editor;
- How to self-publish on Amazon; - How to be believed as author and make an impact; and much much more...!

You leave, after a fun and incredible book writing experience, a changed person, knowing your strength, knowing your worth, believing in yourself, ready to share your story, your baby, your book with the world. Ubuntu! I am because you are


"Every now and then in our lives, we come across a person who is inspirational, who shines above others and leads the way, who captures our hearts and our minds - Getrude is one of those people." – Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast

“Getrude is an amazing woman, she is just a light bulb for good in the world. She has absolute and total integrity and she is a woman of deep profound spiritual essence.” – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author Chicken Soup of the Soul