15. luty 2019 - 9:00
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React - a pragmatic introduction - Workshop Kraków! | Codete | piątek, 15. luty 2019

React - a pragmatic introduction

If you have never used React before or if you are getting confused by how single page application works, this is the workshop for you. We will dive into techniques for building reusable, maintainable components and how you can use the features React provides to make your application scalable. You will leave with a working understanding of how to use React in your own applications.

You need to be familiar with JavaScript on the intermediate level.

Knowledge of the new features introduced in the ES2015

Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS


You will understand what React is and how it works.

You will be able to create a complete real world web application - learning the discussed tools and implementation techniques in React + Redux.




Why React?

DOM and Virtual DOM introduction

Let’s meet our friends - Webpack/Babel

Setup development environment

Exercise 1

First Component:

A gentle introduction to JSX

Two flavors of components

State, Props, data flow

Lifecycle hooks

Lift state up

Component styling

Exercise 2

First application:

Handle user input - forms

Sending request to the server

Receiving data from the server

Application Routing

Testing our components

Exercise 3


Intro to Redux

What is Redux?

How Redux solve our problem with long prop-passing chains

Smart vs dumb components

Exercise 1

Key Redux components




Exercise 2

Async actions



Exercise 3

Extend our application

Move side effects outside components

Move state to the store

Testing  the business logic

Exercise 4

2-days workshops
We provide a delicious complimentary meal, coffee, and snacks.
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