28. sierpień 2019 - 18:00 do 21:00
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Reaching The Peak of Your Self-Esteem (From London to Kraków) | Kraków (centrum) | środa, 28. sierpień 2019

Most people live in a restricted circle of potential and it’s not because they lack intelligence, opportunities or resources but because they don't believe in themselves. Healthy level of self-esteem is not only a fundamental psychological need (indispensable for our general wellbeing), but it has also become a supremely important economic need in today’s constantly changing economy. 
We live in times of confidence crisis, more and more people suffer from growing insecurities, comparison syndrome, constant search of identity and the never ending “search for more” without any clear direction that is aligned with who they really are. Too often we put ourselves down and are afraid to be authentic. We are scared of judgements, we compare ourselves to some unattainable standards, we set expectations too high (often based on the external factors) and by not meeting them, we end up belittling ourselves on a daily basis. We suffer from the “I’m not good enough” syndrome and that tends to be a silent suffering. 
To ends this, we must learn how to love and accept ourselves for who we are, we must focus on building and bettering the relationship with have with Self, we must practice self-esteem on a daily basis and establish inner confidence that cannot be shaken by external opinions, factors & expectations. We must embrace our inner strengths & qualities and learn how to live true to ourselves.  
During her talk, Patrycja will not only share her own story of building self-confidence, she will also reveal some of the most effective and practical tools that will help you master high level of self-esteem in life. 
After this workshop, you will be able to:

Establish your own definition of confidence / self-esteem
Understand the science behind the power of thoughts 
Overcome your mental blocks and change the way you think about yourself
Get excited about life challenges and see them as opportunities

Key Learning Outcomes:

Face challenges and fears with drive and excitement
Improve the relationship you have with yourself
Manage your inner fears & limiting beliefs
Free yourself from social anxiety and self-doubt
Embrace your strengths and key attributes

Who this workshop is for:

People from all walks of life, who want to overcome their inner self-critical voices and the fear of failure and rejection
People who want to develop stronger, deeper and more meaningful relationships in life and be their best self
Those who want to gain more self-confidence so they can unleash their inner courage and go for what they deserve in life