21. październik 2018 - 19:00
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Product Development Days 2018 | Kraków | niedziela, 21. październik 2018

Product Development Days is an international conference with a focus on leveraging and increasing product development and innovation skills.
The PDD 2018 edition – Digital Transformation – will give product teams and directors of R&D a chance to explore how market leaders use creativity and innovation to digitalise industries.
The conference includes a variety of presentations, case studies, and customized workshops to leverage the core skills necessary for a successful product design and development. The event’s program is supplemented by open space sessions with speakers and by mentoring, training and coaching sessions with product experts.  
Through this vast approach to product design, PDD helps companies nourish organizational cultures and manage talents in a way that accelerates product innovation and value creation in both the corporate and start-up environments while teaching new, crucial skills to product teams. The event focuses on leveraging product innovation skills for tech teams in a practical, attractive, and lean way while partnering with industry leaders in Europe and the U.S.
The conference programme 
The conference program is presented in two different tracks – Business Track and Product Team Track – created to optimize the knowledge sharing process for participants from various backgrounds with different skills and professional interests.
Business track: R&D Executives, Innovation Strategists, CIOs, CFOs, Center Heads, Digital Transformation Leads, Program Managers.
Product Team track: Product and Project Managers, Business Analysts, Designers and Architects, UX Researchers, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers.
Each track combines various ways of knowledge sharing to enhance the learning experience and consists of talks, workshops, discussions and discovery sessions that focus on leveraging product and innovation skills necessary for digital transformation. 
From talks and case studies to 1 : 1 and group mentoring sessions to interactive workshops, the PDD event creates an opportunity for participants to acquire and develop new skills in 6 different areas. 
Areas of product knowledge

UX & Design – user research, product market fit testing, prototyping and architecture, design thinking, designing for growth, modeling business value

Business Growth – customer acquisition, customer onboarding & retention, new markets exploration, growth hacking, strategic alliances, pricing strategies

Problem Solving – innovation management, analytical thinking, solution design, product strategy, business models, data analysis

Team – communication in cross- functional teams, agile team management, scaling agility, team building and development, hiring talents, facilitating change

New Technologies – AI/machine learning, big data, AR/VR, security & cloud, IoT and 5G, blockchain

Personal Power – personal productivity, emotional intelligence, leadership, charisma and influence, motivation, communication

PDD in numbers

4 editions

3-days of interactive learning experience

Over 100 speakers, workshop leaders, and metors

Over 500 attendees – practitioners and experts

3 evenings of networking and informal exchange of ideas

2 tracks – business and product team

One international active community of product practitioners

For partnership opportunities please contact our team: partners@productdevelopmentdays.com