02. luty 2019 - 9:00
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Natural Language Processing in a Nutshell - Workshop Kraków! | Codete | sobota, 02. luty 2019

Natural Language Processing in a Nutshell
During NLP in a Nutshell workshop we explain how to deal with most topics related to NLP. In the first part we explain some basic methods to handle strings and documents. Different representations are presented and explained. Spacy Data Model is explained and we deeply use Spacy for tokenization and intent recognition. Part of the workshop is to build a NLP pipeline. We use some libraries for sentiment analysis and build our own solution. We show how to deal with German and French languages using some commonly known tools.


Basic Python and Scala knowledge


Participants will understand…

main concepts of Natural Language Processing,

benefits of using Python and Scala for NLP application,

how to use Natural Language Understanding.

Participants will be able to…

parse and tokenize documents using commonly used tools in Python,

use decision trees to do a sentiment analysis in Python,

build a NLP pipeline, use Scala and Spark for analysis,

build a spam classifier using NLTK,

create a custom annotator for a fintech,

how to use other language than English in NLP.


String and Document Processing

Advanced regular expression used for text extraction and generation in Python.

Understanding Spacy workflow

Tokenize using Spacy and NLTK

Build a tokenizer with Spark and Scala

Text and Vector Representation

Understanding One-hot and Term-frequency Representation

Word Vectors

Text Classification

Intent recognition using Spacy

Using scikit for text classification


Named Entities Annotators

Build custom annotators


Sentiment Analysis

Stanford sentiment analysis tool used for social media texts

Build a sentiment analysis method with scikit


Build a NLP pipeline with Kafka, Spark and Spacy


Grammar models and dependencies. Tagging with Spacy

Other language than English.

Summary and final notes

Comparing of available tools and usage

2-days workshop
We provide a delicious complimentary meal, coffee, and snacks.
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