27. wrzesień 2018 - 10:00
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Lyconet Elite Seminar | Tauron Arena Krakow | czwartek, 27. wrzesień 2018

To allow you to keep track of what is happening and to ensure that you don’t miss anything at this exciting event, we will provide you with all the relevant agenda information here. In addition to exciting presentations with top-class speakers, the agenda also features an Awards Ceremony and parties at exclusive locations in the evening. Find out what to expect at the Elite Seminar!


Network Marketing professional Eric Worre vividly explains how you can reach your goals with persistence, passion and drive. The highlight of the day will be the honouring of hundreds successful Lyconet Marketers. As a reward for their excellent achievements they will be honoured on one of the biggest stages in Europe by Hubert Freidl himself.


Apart from tips and encouragements for an efficient advancement of your networking career, Eric Worre also knows the secrets of success. He will share these secrets with the 18,000 motivated Marketers present. A further highlight will be Hubert Freidl’s presentation of the newest innovations, products and services from the worlds of Lyoness, Lyconet and Cashback Solutions.


The last day of the Elite Seminar brings you another motivational push for your career as a Lyconet Marketer. Be inspired by the experience and findings of visionary Hubert Freidl and Network Marketing professional Eric Worre. Their knowledge and insight will not only strengthen and boost you and your team, but they will also give you the perfect push to take your career to the next level.