27. kwiecień 2019 - 9:00 do 17:00
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Introduction to Tensorflow and Keras - Workshop Kraków! | Codete | sobota, 27. kwiecień 2019

Introduction to Tensorflow and Keras
The aim of the workshops is to present main concepts and workflow of two popular
Machine Learning libraries - Tensorflow and Keras. During the introduction, we are going to
work on prepared datasets and prepare an application using AI from the very beginning.
The workshop is intended to present how to use these tools in order to create a ML project,
but is not going to cover the theoretical background.

Knowledge of Python or any other programming language on an intermediate level

Familiarity with basic Machine Learning concepts


Participants will prepare their first ML application from scratch

Each participant will get familiar with the basics of Tensorflow and Keras libraries and will be able to dive in a project using them


An overview of Tensorflow and Keras architecture

Basic concepts of Tensorflow and Keras computation graphs

The relationship between Tensorflow and Keras

Exercise 1

Preparing an AI architecture

A description of designing AI architecture with Tensorflow

Moving from Tensorflow to Keras

Exercise 2

Fitting and tuning the ML model

Selecting the best parameters for a particular problem with Tensorflow and Keras.

Exercise 3

Moving from research to production

An overview of possibilities for moving from research to production with Tensorflow and Keras

Exercise 4

1-day workshop

We provide a delicious complimentary meal, coffee, and snacks.
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