22. marzec 2019 - 9:00 do 17:00
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An introduction to data analysis - Workshop Kraków! | Codete | piątek, 22. marzec 2019

An introduction to data analysis
During the training we will introduce the participants to the subject of data analysis. The workshops will show how to clean and prepare different kind of data, collected from non-heterogeneous systems, to be then analyzed. All the processing will be done in Python scripts with the publicly available tools. The workshops will cover some common data analysis issues, and the possible solutions to these problems. Any organization gathering any kind of data may find the training useful.

Basic knowledge of Python, preferably some experience with Jupyter Notebook

Understanding of data structures


An access to exclusive materials covering the scope of the workshops

A good understanding of the basic data analysis processes



An overview of data related professions and terms

Defining a problem to make it solvable with data science techniques

Data preparation

Problem definition

Collecting the data from different sources: relational databases, HTTP REST API, web scraping, etc.

Different strategies for cleaning and pruning the data, depending on its type and found issues

Data enrichment for improving its quality

Exercise 1

Finding patterns

An overview of data characteristics

Analyzing collected dataset for finding the underlying regularities

Visualizing the outcomes and preparing reports

Exercise 2

1-day workshop

We provide a delicious complimentary meal, coffee, and snacks.
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