23. listopad 2018 - 19:00
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To Fall In Love & Stay In Love - Weekend Away Workshop | Hotel Folwark Walencja | piątek, 23. listopad 2018

In this triple-layered dialogue we will explore three major aspects of every relationship:




Intimate relationships are perhaps the most challenging of them all. They invariably bring to the surface and cast light upon the darkest corners of our innermost being. 

All the unresolved issues, traumas and insecurities of your past are waiting for the loved one to trigger them in the most painful and challenging manner possible. Yet, if you are to be entirely honest with yourself... 

Are they really causing you pain, or is the pain already there, waiting to be awakened?

Where does the pain originate?

How do you deal with that pain? 

What is your relationship with pain?

What about your most formative relationships - those with your parents? How have they shaped you and how are they bearing upon your relationship with your lover, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife?

Can you experience love and harmony with another in the absence of love and harmony within?

At first, your partner appears perfect. He or she simply can do no wrong. It feels so wonderful to be finally delivered from the lonely and incomplete state you were in. Before long though, the wonderful feelings of being in love wear off and you are faced with a stranger, full of complexities - distant, unwilling, critical and bewildering, in most extreme cases - scary, even violent. Heatrbreakingly, the relationship, which at first was an oasis of love and bliss, turns into a battle ground, with danger lurking at every corner. Pain becomes the order of the day.

Who is this person I am with?!

Do I even know him/her anymore? (This question should actually be ”Have I ever truly known this person?”, and the answer is “No, you didn’t and you don’t!”)

Can I get to know him/her? How?

When two people come together, something wonderful happens. They create a new holon - us. Something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s like two different worlds colliding and merging organically. Two energies blend into an incredibly complex entity. This entity has an incredible potential, inaccessible to most at the present state of our human development. It takes tremendous amount of competence, willingness and commitment to work through the obstacles, which are an inherent part of our human design; standing between us and a harmonious, loving and conscious relationship. The challenge is enormous, yet the rewards are even more stupendous.

A loving relationship does not resemble a fairy tale. It is more like a field you work, in sweat and tears. If you dare to be authentic, that is.

Many people avoid the problem altogether by simply not dealing with it - 'just date endlessly and evacuate yourself into the next titillating romance when the going gets tough' is the answer for many. We propose an alternative - To Fall In Love & Stay In Love.

In the three upcoming events, each going deeper, we will work on creating a new context for intimate love relationships, a context which will allow us to see more clearly the pitfalls and traps, and which will empower us to stretch beyond our comfort zones and into the unchartered territory of loving intimate connection between two people - deeper and purer than ever before. We will do away with the myth that relationships are supposed to make us happy and fulfilled, which is another way of saying that we make someone/something else responsible for our happiness.

If relationships serve a purpose at all, it would be to get us to a point of unprecedented authenticity, also known as love, which is not an emotion, but rather a dimension of being. In this dimension pain can do no harm.

The intention of the To Fall In Love & Stay In Love series is to access the dimension of love, from which it is possible to foster harmonious and loving intimate relationships, in which pain is transmuted into inner peace.


GOSIA DZIK-HOLDEN has studied the field of personal development for more than 20 years. She has worked with many organisations and facilitators, mostly in the UK and the US. Most prominently, she has worked and studied extensively at The Community Health Foundation (London, UK), Concord Institute (London, UK), Kindling Point (London, UK & Kerry, Ireland), Landmark Education (London, UK), Robbins-Madaness Centre (LA, USA). She also studied under Ken Wilber (USA) and is currently studying under Dr. David Norris, a maturational facilitator, with whom she delivers a cutting edge personal development programme called Listening to Life: Living Beyond the Story.

Gosia’s interest in relationship dynamics was inspired by the challenges she encountered in her own marriage. In an attempt to bring healing and completion to this hugely important relationship in her life, she has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and an enquiry into the nature of intimate relationships. Five years later, she is emerging wiser and ready to share her discoveries. Her vision is to create a safe space for people to study intimate love relationships, so that we can benefit from fulfilling our true potential in the relationships that matter most. She discovered that the best way to do it is not through an understanding, but through applied practice of self-enquiry. She has developed a unique, intuitive approach which, in its femininity, is beautifully complemented by Vincent’s masculine coaching style.

VINCENT CLOHESSY has been fascinated with love and relationship dynamics since he encountered Cupid’s arrow aged seven years, when he first met and fell for his new classmate Melissa. His parents ran a pub in the East End of London in the 1970s and being exposed to an environment of frequent violence had a profound impact on him as a sensitive child. Witnessing such behaviour fuelled a curiosity about what leads people who care for each other, to cause such needless pain and suffering. Moved by these experiences, he has been developing tools ever since to help people learn a kinder way of loving. Key to this has been discovering the transformative world of coaching.

Having trained in the UK, Spain and America, he has now established a successful coaching practice with clients from across the globe, seeking support in creating loving relationships. This is work he truly loves and he would very much like to support you in achieving your relationship goals.

Together, Gosia and Vincent bring fluid feminine and focused masculine energy to this complex process.

Please note that accommodation and board are not included in the price of this workshop.