03. kwiecień 2019 - 15:00
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26th EUROCLIO Annual Conference: Bringing History to Life | Scandic Gdansk | środa, 03. kwiecień 2019

It is safe to assume that history educators like learning history and want to know more. As a result, they develop a deep historical knowledge, which helps them to make meaningful connections, see new information in its historical context and ask questions to guide research and reading. Students of history do not necessarily have these advantages, and also did not always choose to learn history. This leads to one of the key challenges for history educators: How to interest all students in learning history? How to bring history to life?
The conference will explore different ways to make learning history meaningful and motivating for students. These include: looking at the impact of big events on ordinary people; using history to think about fundamental questions; linking history to current affairs; using popular history (such as games, movies and graphic novels) in the classroom; and using historical artifacts and visits to heritage sites to make history tangible. The conference will also look at the impact of different aspects of the teaching and learning history (such as the choice of topic, assessment, teaching methods) on the motivation of students.
The majority of the conference programme will consists of active workshops where you can expect ideas and resources that can be used and adapted to your own education practice. There is also a rich offer for onsite learning, including the possibility to visit the exhibitions of the European Solidarity Centre, and the World War 2 museum. New features in the programme are a marketplace of ideas where you can share your best practices and learn from others, and a plenary workshop where you will be introduced to many ideas that worked to interest students to learn history. There will be school visits, a pubquiz, a celebratory dinner, and of course the EUROCLIO General information about the programme, accommodation, and discounts is available on the event page.